VRO – VROPs integration – Bye Bye VCM !!!!

Let me start with vROPs is getting bigger and better, most of you may have already had a sneak peak at VROPs 8.0 during VMworld sessions, if not here is the link https://blogs.vmware.com/management/2019/08/whats-new-in-vrealize-operations-8-0.html

I recently had a hands on experience at vROPs 8.0 and was blown away by the enhancements and capabilities. There is so much to talk about (may be in separate blog).


But let me first talk about the cool new Management Pack for VRO I just tried (I am talking here about version 3.0)

It comes with loads of features like

  1. New out of the box compliance remediation workflows for host compliance. “Apply Host Security Configuration Rules” workflow appears as an action on host system and cluster compute resource.
  2. Generation of notification when the workflow action is in failed state or an unknown state.
  3. Ability to pass the vRealize Operations  alert id to workflows. This capability removes the dependency on  web-hook shims.
  4. Discover vCenter workflows and user defined workflows
  5. Auto remediation associated with alerts of vRealize Operations.


So now what it means is, you can now have vSphere hardening guide enabled in vROPs, and also remediate them issues from vROPS!!!!!!


What we can also do is, create workflows in vRO, add them to a package and use it via VROPs.

We can now also automate the workflow runs if we map them as actions to Alerts. The possibilities are endless.


From what I see, let say the following scenario, we have assigned a user a dashboard with VMs which he is entitled to


  • He can now monitor the VM performance.
  • Sees something wrong, go to actions rectify it based on recommendation.
  • Check compliance and solve.
  • Run some workflow in VRO and check status from VROPs console.
  • Create a report of what workflows failed, which workflow was used maximum time.
  • Make changes to the VMs from inventory explorer.

The list goes on.


What I am more exited is the integration with VRNI (expected in 8.0), now we wont even need Service discovery pack !!!!


Screenshots and Demo to follow…

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