Deploying Management Packs which are not available on Solution Exchange

While working on a customer deployment we recently faced an issue with vROPs.

vROPs 6.6.1 has pre-installed Management Pack (MP) for vRA version 3.0. This version of Management Pack cannot be downloaded from Solution exchange.

The latest version on Solution exchange is 2.1, So now coming to the issue.

Due to human error / negligence / trying to complete work faster some one downloaded a older version of this management pack (version 2.1) from Solution Exchange and installed the same.

Now this issue was not recognized till the VRA was integrated with vROPs, Once we integrated VRA with vROPs there were a lot  collection issues. We raised a ticket and GSS stated that this is due to older version of management pack, and that there is NO WAY to upgrade the management pack but to re-install the entire environment.

NO WAY seemed to be very Harsh, So we started looking in other options to resolve this.

After a lot of trial and error we found the following solution,

Here is a screenshot of vROPs before the MP installation


  1. Install a dummy vROPs version 6.6.1
  2. Log into the console of vROPs using putty, and go to following location – /storage/db/casa/pak/dist_pak_files/VA_LINUX/

OK so some background around this location, every time we install any management pack, the Pack is first uploaded to this location,

From here the pack is extracted to a temp location and is the deployment starts.

This is how the location will look like


  1. Use win SCP to copy this Management Pak to local machine


  1. Then follow the Basic Deployment method to upload the new Management pack
  2. Post deployment you will be able to see the new management pack on vROPs


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