vROPs upgrade to 6.7

Hello Team,

Post the assessment of upgrade, https://kloudkonnect.wordpress.com/2018/04/16/using-vrops-6-7-upgrade-assessment-tool/

In my case I had to upgrade to management packs and the issue issues with upgrade report were resolved.


The next step was to upgrade the vAPP. This was a long process, I decided to leave the upgrade Took and took the Japanese aluminum foil mirror ball challenge, you can get some sleep if you like 😝

This was a standard process, but as I have not written about vAPP upgrade I will list the steps.

Like before this can be done via “Admin-UI”

Go to Software update and click install a update – select the vapp upgrade file and click upload


Post upload the process goes in Staging which is a time consuming step


Once the staging is complete – you can start the upgrade


This now take a long time again and will take cluster offline – so you can now grab a coffee or in my case I went to sleep as it was already 3:00 am and had a full day ahead.


Post the upgrade is complete, you will see following


You can now log in to your vROPs….



You will have to set the currency first for the global settings for the values to show up


I would be doing a full configuration and features blogs later but for now



I will select US dollar , but we do have option of Rupee too… one more thing to remember is that currency can not be changed once set.


Enjoy the new vROPs……


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