Using vROPs 6.7 upgrade assessment tool

So finally I get to upgrade my lab to much awaited vROPs 6.7, this version promises a lot of new features (I will not be blogging about), So I decided to try it out.

One of the major change in this upgrade is the removal of lot of un-necessary metrics. Due to which it can break a lot of your dashboards and super metrics.

To avoid this the team has released an upgrade assessment tool. You can download this assessment tool from solution exchange. It is not only recommended but also necessary that you run this assessment tool prior to your upgrade.

The Tool gives you a full overview of the reports, dashboards, supermetrics, Alerts that will not work post the upgrade. You may have to take some steps to change these metrics accordingly.

This tool also gives you a list of all the supported management packs.

You can download both the upgrade package and the assessment tool as shown below.


This upgrade assessment tool is also a pak file and has to imported in the system,

Now there is a catch, you cannot install this .pak file from the UI, but has to be done from the “Admin UI”.

Here are the steps

Login to Admin UI Go to Software Update

Click Install a software update.


Select the file you have downloaded and click upload


Click Next  Next  Next and let the installation begin (Nothing interesting here )



Once the installation is completed the status should show completed.



Now to check the report.

As the installation is completed a support bundle is created automatically. You can find that support bundle in Support.


Download the support Bundle and extract the Zip file.


In the Zip file you will have to navigate to apuat-data\report folder


Here you will find a file index.html. this file contains the full report of your environment.

Open the html file in chrome (did not work with firefox in my case) to see which parameters will be effected post the upgrade.


As you can see in this case 3 out of 4 reports will not work and the reason for that is also specified in the report.


Seems like I will have to do a lot of changes to my environment before I can upgrade. This tools is simple but gives very valuable input.

I will complete the upgrade and keep you posted on the results. Till then…


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