Displaying Output Of Custom Scripts on Dashboard

One more frequently asked feature when working with monitoring, guys your views, criticism and suggestions  will help me create better content. Please call, ping or mail me with the same. Also let me know if you need me to create some content specific to some usecase.


When creating reports and Dashboards for Customers we generally get a requirement to display output of some custom Script or create Alerts based on output of some custom script.

With vRops out of the box we can monitor if script is running or not using EPOPs, but not the output.


Following are 2 ways of achieving the same,


Solution 1 :- Using the Text Widget in vROPs Dashboard.

For Configuring the txt widget we have 2 option

  1. Creating the Text file from the Metric configuration Page – but this file becomes static and cannot be modified programmatically.


2. Making entry in the web.properties file – the web.properties file is present in the vROPs console at location /usr/lib/vmware-vcops/user/conf/web/web.properties


In the web.properties file we will have to set textdisplay_root folder from where the text wizard will pick up the files.


In this example I have set /tmp/example as the root folder


Once you have done this we can use the files stored in this location to populate the text Widget.

How to use this :-

Whenever we have a request to display to input of some custom script we can copy the output file to this location, may be append or overwrite the file whatever suits you and the use case.

Problems with this Solution :-

The display in this case is pure text display, so you cannot create graphs, Alerts or notification from these output values. Also we cannot save this output in the database of vROPs.

Solution to this is create your own custom properties for the object. To avoid confusion I am posting it in a separate post, that will follow this one.

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